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A letter from a prostitute to the wives of her clients. This lady of the night believes that cheating with a prostitute should be forgiven. This is because " the man had nothing bad in mind. Think, when was the last time you had sex three times a week. When is the last time he complained that you don't have enough sex? He did it for money, with me because he loves you, he doesn't want another relationship and he doesn't want to burden you." She tries to excuse the men's  behaviour, her own behaviour, while making the women feel guilty. "My time, attention and sexuality is measured in minutes and hours, outside which your husband loves you. What's more I don't and never will love your husband. The most that can happen is that I will like him, as you like a good looking bartender. I will never be a threat to your marriage. Outside working hours I want nothing to do with you or your husband. I will never go out to dinner with him. I will never call him. I won't try to get him to divorce. You'll never get to know from me. If he's told you he's stupid, or he's angry".