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Girls, guys also have a g spot! But be careful when searching for it. You can find it in their bum! One of the most sensitive parts on a man's body is the prostate. Sadly most sexual partners don't know how to get to it. Some guys don't like it but many can have a significantly more intense orgasm if their prostate is stimulated. Just like the g spot, the only thing you need to find it is practice.
This is the most beautiful girl on instagram. But she has a lot of haters! Why? Although she looks beautiful and young she is 33 years old and has given birth to a baby girl! Abby Pell is followed by 12 thousand people on Instagram. The woman is praised for her dedication and beauty, but a lot of people criticize her for sharing unachievable ideals and making fun of overweight people. The truth is that she works hard to look beautiful, and she finds the time to go to the gym even though she is running a business and is raising a daughter.